How To Survive In A Poker World?

The poker world is different from the real-life world. Th poker world is complicated and confusing. One moment you are winning the next you are losing everything. Young poker players are looking for advice from many poker experts. World Series of Poker seems like a new world for the younger ones, and the question of how to survive in this world is a question I would like to answer.

Poker's Golden Rule: Have some other means of financial income aside from playing poker.

The poker golden rule is self-explanatory. If youngsters want to be part of the poker team and want poker to be their source of finances they should think twice.

Being part of a poker team is not a bad thing. By being one with many poker players, the novice can acquire more strategy and knowledge of the game. This will help him improve his game and will probably make him one of the best poker players in town.

But always bear in mind that a game of poker is never a sure thing. No matter how good you are at poker, you can never win all the time. For starters, a player needs money to sustain his poker game. There are moments that he can lose everything. Poker is not a sure game, sometimes you can win but let's face it, sometimes you can lose.

A poker player should know his odds of playing this game. Here is a list of dos and don'ts that young poker players will find helpful in their journey through the world of poker.

� Do not overestimate experience when it comes to living in the world of poker.

� Exercise self-control.

� Leave out petty annoyances.

� Take vitamins.

� Mind free foods.

� Don't borrow money to play poker.

� Do not hurry to the poker table, walk your way to the table.

� Show courage at the poker table.

� Control your breathing, relax more and stay calm.

� Get away from anger. Anger is not productive at a poker table.

� If you are staying in the casino's hotel, leave a tip for the maid, this might make you lucky.

� Sometimes, go out with friends who do not know anything about poker.

� If you are at the poker table, focus and give 100% of your attention to the game.

� Develop other hobbies or activity aside from poker.

� Enjoy being called "kid". One day you will wake up and other "kids' will start calling you "sir".

� Quit smoking.

� If you hear someone comment "Nice hand kid", always reply with "thank you"

Follow these simple do's and don'ts and you will survive in the world of poker. The main point being that you should always remain a student of the game and always learning. Never assume you know everything there is to know. Stay the student even when having the skills of the master.